Milan 2023

Collection of bulbs ALONE

Light. Form. Emotion.
by DayLight Italy + Consuline Associated Architects

For the first time at Milan Design Week DayLight Italy it features the new collection of bright objects ALONE, a revolutionary family of bulbs emotional.

DayLight Italy born in 2013 from the idea of a group of asian companies and visionary professionals from the lighting industry. Since then designs, manufactures and distributes in the world of light bulbs of a new concept for the many forms of contemporary living.

Not only sources of light with high performance, objects of design from the revolutionary concepta synthesis of advanced technologies, elegance of the design and care of the the sensory aspects of the lightcreated to help you relax, entertain, communicate positive emotions and to guarantee a high energy saving.

After 10 years of growth and the objectives pursued with commitment and passion, which are recognized by the appreciation of the growing international market, DayLight Italy opens today a new chapter of its history, giving it a finished form to new path of which she is the protagonist.

The ambitious goal that motivates the research of DayLight Italy? The concept of the bulb perfect: a light bulb emotional, vital, enjoyable and technologically advanced, which contains all the components of a lamp to the inside of the bulb

ALONE_il concept

The idea of this collection was born from a lucky meeting between the experience of DayLight Italy in the design and implementation of innovative bulbs and the visionary capacity of Consuline Associated Architects (Francesco Iannone + Serena Tellini) to give form and expression to the light.


The beginning of everything is the bulb. Iconic object, the universal and democratic that still never ceases to tickle the imagination for its charm and symbolic for its essential form so close to the aesthetic standards of the contemporary world.


The 5 airy creations that make up the collection ALONE 1 summarize the stages of the route of the DayLight from Italy to the concept of the light bulb, perfectalmost an ideal of perfection which has encouraged the development of the lighting systems ever imagined and the research of special treatments and finishes of glass to multiply the possibilities of expression and perception of light.

ALONE 1_la collection

The protagonists of the exhibition of DayLight Italy in the spaces of the Circolo Filologico Milanese are 5 projects bright very special innovative technologies and for the particular aesthetic impact and emotional.

Are the bulb suspension/wall Dash, the maxi light bulb suspension Ciaobellathe bulb suspension Mammamia from the elegant oval shape, the portable lamp Mr. Magoo and Satellite, brand new concept of light bulb with beam of light adjustable.


Ciaobella it is an LED light bulb, oval imagined in three dimensions. Despite being a light-bulb high flow (1000lm), the refined finish of the glass, similar to porcelain, created by master glassmakers, allows a uniform spread of light and visual comfort exceptional. The excellent color rendering and the ability to adjust the intensity of the light makes Ciaobella a bright object in the expressive and versatile, able to illuminate and furnish with elegance in every environment, small and large, domestic and commercial. Long-lasting bulb with a range of up to 15,000 hours, guarantees high energy savings.

LED bulb glass effect porcelain, diam 26 cm × h 26.5 cm – diam 22 cm × h 22.7 cm – diam 18 cm × 19.5, 10W, flux 1000lm, CRI 90, 2700K, dimmable.


Dash it is an LED bulb from the particular flat design can create amazing play of light and spread the light in all the directions of space thanks to the particular shape and position of the led. What makes it special is the different perception of the diffusion of light: a view from the front emits a very light, delicate, creating a poetic reflection, round, projected on the wall, evoking the effect of the eclipse. When viewed from the side expresses its maximum light output.


Also available in a version with frosted glass for a light more smooth and uniform, Dash can be ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted. For its essential, and the technology is perfect in any space and style, from the most classic to the most essential. The high color rendering brings out the colors of the environment. The ability to be adjustable, it is suitable to create a more personal atmosphere of light. Has a long service life and guarantees high energy savings.


LED light bulb, clear/frosted glass

diam 17 cm × h 10 cm, 6W, flux 600 lm, CRI 90, 2700K, dimmable.


MammaMia it is an Led light bulb, from the iconic shape, elegant and expressive. The large size, the finish of the glass similar to the porcelain made by master glassmakers, the high flow and the particular visual comfort make it MammaMia a small masterpiece of technology and simplicity, perfect for brightening up any environment in small and large sizes. Dimmable to suit every need of the light is guaranteed for a long service life and high energy savings.


LED bulb glass effect porcelain, dia 95 x h 200, dia 150 x h 305, dia 180 x h 355, 13 W, flow 1521, lm, CRI>80, dimmable


The project is intended to open new horizons in the field of lighting design, Satellite it is an LED light bulb, with a light beam that is adjustable with a simple and ingenious magnetic mechanism that makes it possible to route from the outside of the reflector inside the bulb glass, directing the beam where you need it. Thanks to this intuition, the light bulb but it also uses that require a light “customized” to suit the moment or illuminate objects with delicate effects of light and shadow on the surfaces, flexible, playful and effective way. It is perfect for illuminating desks and bedside tables, both for the environmental lighting. The high CRI permits an extraordinary definition of the colors of the environment.


LED bulb lamp in clear glass and base in PVC coated, diam 12.5 cm × h 17.3 cm, 6W, 2700K, CRI 97, flux 500 lm, dimmable.

Mr Magoo

Outsider of the collection, Mr. Magoo is a lamp to battery playful, economic and versatile to carry everywhere, composed of a light bulb in the glass and a metal base. The light bulb low voltage (5V), which evokes the design of the iconic image of the abat-jour, contains all of the electronic component in the attack. The metal base includes 4 AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, the micro-switch invisible under the base makes the body very clean.

The innovative nature of Mr. Magoo it is represented by the ease of use and transport, from the long battery life (about 12 hours depending on the model of a light bulb and the battery capacity), and from his attitude, which is sustainable for the possibility of replacing the infinite every part of her.


Portable lamp battery, LED bulb 5V, flow up to 110lm, base diam 12 cm × h 27 cm

From a blank sheet to the collection: how are our ideas

Bulbs imagine to excite

High-quality and can generate a very high flow – characterized by a unique design. Commitment, a passion for light and instinct, and innovation are the engine of the activity of Daylight Italy, is today one of the companies most popular and requested by a growing international market.

refined finishes and unconventional

as the series Porcelain made by the glass masters in opal glass, characterized by a uniform light and a particular visual comfort, or the series Crystal which, thanks to the facets of the glass, gives to the environment and the amazing play of light.

Complete and wide range of lamps decorative

More than 800 types of bulbs, of which more than 350 furnishing – more than 100 light bulbs for specialists (R125, PAR56, T38, ...) and more than 30 registered patents. The range is completed by a large range of accessories.

DayLight Italy

DayLight Italy born in 2013 from the idea of a team of visionary professionals from the Italian of the lighting industry. Since then, designs, produces and distributes worldwide bulbs new concept dedicated to the many forms of contemporary living.

For the vocation to design, which belongs to the research of the company, 2023 marks the beginning of the collaboration with Consuline Associated Architects – Francesco Iannone and Serena Tellini – that, since 1986, pursuing innovation in the form of light.

The headquarters and main warehouse are in Milan. Over the years, with the consolidation of the foreign market, there were branches DayLight in France, Spain, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands. At the same time it has also grown the sales network, to control the distribution of products to ensure a precise and reliable designers and private customers

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